Bike Fitter

Starting with the Rider in mind

In October 2016 I took the plunge and acquired my Bike Fit Pro Green Level Certification bfprogreen issued under BIKEFIT/BIKEFITCANADA. The certification is only the start of the process and in doing so it is simply a demonstration of my commitment to apply sound principles to the bike fitting process.


As a health and safety professional trained in industrial and office ergonomics the step to becoming a bike fitter only seemed appropriate given my long relationship with cycling.

There is no magic wand, and there is no one tool that will dial in your bike fit. The bottom line is that a bike fit takes time.

My philosophy in bike fitting is that there is an ideal position for each type of riding. However, I start with the rider in mind; who are you, what are you capable of today, and what do you want to be capable of down the road? A bike fit should not just be a set of dimensions on a piece of paper, or angles on a computer screen that should never change.  The bike fit should be thought of as more of a repetitious endeavor to match your bodies gradual adaptations, as well as your acquisition of new equipment.


Starting with the Rider in mind

Since the fit starts with the rider in mind all my bike fits incorporate the use of the FMS. This seven movement screening tool helps the rider and the bike fitter understand a little bit more about the physical starting point.

Other than my eye and experience here are some of the tools I can use during a bike fit depending on the clients needs:

My fitting history.

Having a passion for cycling and racing bikes since I was 14 I inevitably found myself working for a bike shop to support my racing habit as I diligently tried to “make it” as a cyclist.

It was the perfect marriage between my love for the bike and my need to fund my adventures. However, what I found was that my passion for the sport was contagious and I enjoyed getting customers sorted as I fixed up their existing bikes and new bikes for them.

Fast forward to today and I am learning more about the fitting process every day. The fitting process is dynamic and the learning never stops.